Our Team

30th December 2015

The people who care for our children

The team looking after the children consists of:
1) Mrs Glenda Mudzikitiri – the manager of the centre. She issues all stocks, makes sure all paper work is in order for the children in our care, and basically oversees the entire running of the centre. On top of this she also sources donations, writes all the thank you letters, attends meetings and support groups, keeps all the petty cash records, buys any additional groceries or supplies that are needed, organises fund raisers and many other tasks.
2) The carers – we have 3 women who work in 12 hour shifts to ensure there is always someone at the Home 24 hours a day to take care of the children’s needs. They all have to take care of certain tasks such as cleaning, cooking and laundry while at the same time ensuring all the children are clean, well fed and get off to school on time each day. Some of them also have other duties including dispensing medicines, liaising with the various schools and travelling with the children when necessary.
3) The caretaker – he has a very important role to play making sure the rabbit project and vegetable garden is looked after to feed 21 children and the staff 365 days of the year. He also has the responsibility of making sure our premises are kept secure, protecting the children.

Our biggest challenge is trying to raise enough actual cash to pay these people the allowances they work so hard to earn. We are able to supplement their income with groceries to take home but, like us all, they also need to earn cash to pay rents, school fees and all the expenses incurred in living and raising families. We appeal to anyone who is able to contribute towards this very worthy cause to please contact danaichildrensvillage@gmail.com. We can assure you all donations will be fully accounted for.